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Support for SAP Application (NetWeaver) and Operating System (Linux) telemetry in Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions

Published date: February 03, 2021

Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions (AMS) now supports SAP Application (NetWeaver) in private preview and Operating System (Linux) provider in public preview. Both providers are available in the following Azure regions - West Europe, US East, US East 2, and US West 2. 

SAP Application (NetWeaver) telemetry is supported for both ABAP, JAVA & hybrid stacks. Telemetry supported are SAP system and application server availability including instance process availability, work process utilization, Enqueue Lock statistics, and Queue Utilization statistics etc.

OS provider is hardware and workload agnostic therefore can be used by customers running their SAP workloads on Azure Virtual Machines, Large Instances and others. Following telemetry is supported: CPU Usage, CPU Usage by Process, Disk Utilization, I/O Read & Write, Memory Distribution, Memory Usage, Swap Memory Usage, Persistent Memory, Network Usage, Network Inbound, and outbound Traffic etc.

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