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Public preview: Enterprise VMware Cloud Director Service for Azure VMware Solution

Published date: August 31, 2022

Today we are announcing the public preview of VMware Cloud Director Service for Azure VMware Solution. If you have Azure VMware Solution deployed under your Microsoft Enterprise agreement (EA), you can purchase the VMware Cloud Director Service from VMware. You can connect your Azure VMware Solution private cloud to create and manage private virtual datacenters and leverage vCloud availability for migrating on-premises VMware workloads to Azure VMware Solution private clouds. This allows you to further maximize your investment and allocate private cloud resources (as an example) across different departments and/or create capacity for development and testing which would otherwise require lengthy custom automation.

Learn more about this solution through the VMware blog and Azure VMware Solution documentation

Regional availability for this combined solution has been expanded to the following Azure regions: Canada Central, Canada East, Central US, East US, East US2, North Central US, South Central US, West Central US, West US, West US 2, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia East, Australia Southeast, North Europe, West Europe, France Central, Germany West Central, Japan East, Japan West, Sweden Central, UK South, UK West. 

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