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New Azure SQL Database gateways in Australia East, Canada Central, and West US 2

Published date: July 13, 2020

Starting on August 10, 2020, new Azure SQL Database gateways are being added to the following regions:

  • Australia East :
  • Canada Central :,
  • West US 2 :

These new gateways could change the public IP address to which the domain name system (DNS) will resolve for your current and newly created SQL databases. You may be affected if:

  • You’ve hard-coded the IP address for a particular gateway in your on-premises firewall. 
  • You have any subnets using Azure SQL Database as a service endpoint, but can’t communicate with the gateway IP addresses in the region. 
  • You use the zone redundant configuration for your database.

We recommend that you allow network traffic to and from all SQL Database gateways for Australia East, Canada Central, and West US 2 as outlined in this table.

Additional details on how traffic will be migrated to new SQL Database gateways in specific regions can be found in our guide. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us.  

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