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New Azure Monitor Agent available on latest Linux distros and new regions

Published date: February 03, 2021

Azure Monitor has introduced a new concept for configuring data collection and a new, unified agent for Azure Monitor in public preview. This new agent (Azure Monitor Agent, or AMA) and the Data Collection Rules (or DCR) improve on a few key areas of data collection from VMs including granular and flexible configuration (e.g. collect from a subset of VMs for a single workspace), collect once and send to both Log Analytics and Azure Monitor Metrics, send to multiple workspaces (multi-homing for Linux), data filtration at source for Windows and Linux, improved extension management and better performance overall.

We have now added new Linux distros and regions to the ongoing preview for Azure Monitor Agent and Data Collection Rules.

  • Support for latest Linux distros (via Python 3) – AMA on Linux now supports the below distros for data collection using DCRs:
    • CentOS Linux 8*
    • Debian 10
    • Oracle Linux 8*
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 8*
    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15.2*
    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15.1*
    • Ubuntu 20

*Known issue with Syslog events. Only supports Performance Counters (CPU, Memory, Disk, Networ) 

  • Available in more regions now - AMA and DCR are now available in additional regions below:
    • UK West (WUK)
    • KoreaCentral (SE)
    • France Central (FRC)
    • South Africa North (JNB)
    • Switzerland North

Try the new agent and data collection capabilities, and share your feedback and suggestions to improve here: Azure Monitor UserVoice.

Learn more about Data Collection Rules.

Learn more about Azure Monitor Agent.


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