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New Azure Cognitive Services and capabilities in preview

Published date: September 22, 2020

In the Decision category, we have the new Metrics Advisor servicethat proactively monitors metrics and diagnoses issues so organizations can protect their growth engine, from sales revenue to manufacturing. Built on top of Anomaly Detector, Metrics Advisor can be applied to business metric monitoring, AI Ops, and predictive maintenance scenarios. See an example in action.

In the Vision category, the new spatial analysis feature inComputer Visionhelps organizations maximize the value of their physical spaces by understanding people s movements in near-real time - especially critical these days in helping organizations reopen safely by supporting social distancing and other health compliance measures. It comes available in a container to run at the edge. Here’s a walkthrough of how customers are applying it.

Additionally for containers, the following are available in preview: for Speech there are automatic language detection and neural text-to-speech containers and for Computer Vision, the Read 3.0 and 3.1 containers for text extraction.

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