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Generally available: 5,000 node scale in AKS

Published date: October 12, 2022

Azure Kubernetes Service is increasing the maximum node limit per cluster from 1,000 nodes to 5,000 nodes for customers using the uptime-SLA feature. The default limit for all AKS clusters will continue to be 1,000 nodes. However, AKS clusters using the uptime SLA feature can now request an increase in the AKS service quota up to a maximum of 5,000 nodes across all node pools in a cluster by creating a support request

Workloads that need large amount of compute resources can now scale beyond 1,000 virtual machines (nodes) within the same cluster removing the operational overhead of managing cross-cluster deployments and workloads. You can scale your clusters up to 5,000 nodes using both manual and cluster autoscaler. 

This feature is available for clusters using uptime-SLA and Azure CNI Network plugin only. 

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