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Azure Red Hat OpenShift August 2023 updates

Published date: August 02, 2023

Azure Red Hat OpenShift provides highly available, fully managed OpenShift clusters on demand, monitored and operated jointly by Microsoft and Red Hat. The August update delivers the following enhancements focused on security and cost management:

  • DoD Impact Level 4  (IL4) certification: Azure Red Hat OpenShift is now DoD IL4 certified. DoD IL4 is designed to store, process, and transmit controlled unclassified information (CIU) related to military or contingency operations. As an Azure Government customer, this certification means you can be fully confident in hybrid cloud readiness, rapid agility and high availability of the platform with high security standards.
  • No OpenShift subscription fee for infrastructure nodes: You can now deploy infrastructure nodes without an OpenShift subscription fee. This means you no longer have to use worker nodes to host these cluster operation workloads. Learn more about infrastructure nodes.
  • Private clusters without public IP: Private clusters can now be deployed in UDR mode without a public IP. This enhances overall security for your cluster by eliminating public IP exposure to your clusters.

To learn more about recent Azure Red Hat OpenShift updates, visit the release notes.

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