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Azure IoT Central new and updated features—February 2021

Published date: March 16, 2021

Reuse of interfaces

IoT Central now supports reuse of interfaces within a device model. This enables device developers to build complex device models with components that use the same interface. For example, you can now model a device such as a temperature controller that has two thermostat components that both reference the same interface.

API updates

You can now use the IoT Central APIs to partially update entities such as devices, properties, and users with PATCH operations. Learn more from our REST API docs, where you can find details of PATCH operations such as Devices - Update (Azure IoT Central) | Microsoft Docs.

Dashboard updates

We've refreshed the experience for creating a new dashboard as well as moved dashboard settings to a separate panel. You can now access settings such as Dashboard name and Dashboard type by selecting the Dashboard settings button in the top right hand corner of the dashboard. We made this update to improve usability and create more clarity between the create and edit dashboard workflows.

IoT Central documentation improvements

In February, we updated the screenshots of IoT Central in the tour of the UI to reflect all the exciting new changes in our product over the past few months. We also included alt text to make our content more accessible.

We also made updates to our content about using IoT Edge with IoT Central, including the introduction Connect Azure IoT Edge devices to an Azure IoT Central application and a refresh to the Add an Azure IoT Edge device to your Azure IoT Central application tutorial. In additon, we've clarified some details on how to move devices from IoT Hub to IoT Central based on your feedback.

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