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Azure CDN Standard Microsoft tier Generally Available

Published date: September 24, 2018

Taking advantage of the Azure Content Delivery Network multi-CDN platform, use  Content Delivery Network services from Verizon, Akamai, and now Microsoft all in one place through familiar Azure Portal, Azure Resource Manager, CLI, and command line experiences.  Deep integration with Azure services lets you quickly spin up  Content Delivery Network with your web app, storage, or any service you choose.   

The Azure Content Delivery Network standard Microsoft tier is now generally available within the Azure ecosystem of content delivery networks.    

Azure Content Delivery Network standard Microsoft tier makes Microsoft’s own global Edge and network available to you.  Now with 62 locations in 57 countries, with 16 regional caches strategically placed on Microsoft’s global network, Azure Content Delivery Network standard Microsoft enables more consistent, more predictable cache fill performance by providing direct access to your content in Azure from each network edge location.  With new features such as on-by-default regional caching and bring-your-own-SSL certificate, you have more options to better tailor your services, improve performance, and reduce load on your origins.    

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