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Ingress logs are now available for Azure Time Series Insights environments

Published date: December 23, 2020

Azure Time Series Insights has released Azure Monitor Logs for streaming event sources. You can now query, analyze, and create alerts for errors that occur in the ingress pipeline. If your Azure Time Series Insights environment is only receiving a portion of your data, or if ingestion has stopped, you can now quickly self-diagnose and troubleshoot the issue. The following scenarios can be diagnosed:

  • Errors when attempting to connect to an event source:
    • A networking rule is preventing connection
    • An invalid key was provided, or the key does not have the correct level of access
    • The IoT hub or Event hub has been deleted
    • The consumer group is being used elsewhere
  • Errors when parsing telemetry:
    • Invalid JSON cannot be deserialzied 
    • An empty JSON payload was received

Read Monitoring Azure Time Series Insights for details on how you can use the features of Azure Monitor to analyze and alert on this data.

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