Azure Site Recovery: Disaster recovery for VMware virtual machines and physical servers

26 марта 2015 г.

We added a scenario for AUX 5.2 in Azure Site Recovery (ASR). This enables disaster recovery for VMware virtual machines and physical servers to Azure. With its ability to protect Hyper-V or VMware virtual machines and physical servers, ASR is a unified solution for workload-aware disaster recovery for your heterogeneous IT environments. This preview brings: 
  • Disaster recovery support for VMware virtual machines and physical servers
  • Automated discovery of VMware vCenter server-managed virtual machines
  • Continuous data protection for near-zero recovery point objectives
  • Automatic conversion of source VMware virtual machine disk files to bootable virtual hard disks in Azure
  • Multiple virtual machine consistency
This feature is in preview, and it requires users to register. Check out the Azure Blog for more information about this preview. For additional information, please visit the Azure Site Recovery page.  

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