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Analyzing the Economic Benefit of Migrating from On-premises Instances to Azure Database for PostgreSQL

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Опубликовано: 02.08.2022


Learn how to eliminate cost, increase operational savings, improve business agility, and enhance developers’ experience by migrating to Azure Database for PostgreSQL. Read this report from the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) to see how organizations can realize significant cost savings and benefits by moving their PostgreSQL workloads to Azure Database for PostgreSQL. 

Read ESG’s analysis on how Azure Database for PostgreSQL can: 

  • Save up to 62% when migrating on-premises workloads to Azure Database for PostgreSQL. 
  • Reduce 84% of operational overhead by freeing up development capacity and administration costs. 
  • Increase revenue by $11.6 million as a result of shortening release times and delivering cloud-ready applications. 

Read the report to learn more about ESG’s findings—and how to put them to work for your organization.