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Mises à jour mensuelles pour septembre 2016

20 sept.

Announcing the Azure API Management roadmap

The Azure API Management roadmap can help you stay abreast of our plans, follow our progress, and provide input.

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14 sept.

API Management service update: September 14, 2016

On Wednesday, September 14, 2016, we started deploying a regular service update. Please see our blog post for information on the release payload.

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14 sept.

PHP runtime version updates

We recently updated the PHP runtime versions to address a security vulnerability. We have also installed, and enabled by default, the recently released PHP 7.0 driver for SQL Server.

  • App Service
14 sept.

Event Hubs Archive in public preview


Azure Event Hubs Archive, now in public preview, enables you to automatically deliver the streaming data in Event Hubs to a Blob storage account of your choice.

  • Event Hubs
13 sept.

Azure PowerShell 1.7: Hotfix for breaking changes

A hotfix has been released to address the breaking changes in Azure PowerShell versions 1.4–1.6 and versions 2.0 and later.

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9 sept.

Public preview: Microsoft Operations Management Suite Docker container monitoring


By using Docker container monitoring in Operations Management Suite, you can get container inventory, performance data, and logs from one place.

8 sept.

Azure Scheduler available in United Kingdom


Azure Scheduler is available in the United Kingdom South (London, England) and United Kingdom West (Cardiff, Wales) regions.

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7 sept.

API Management service update: September 6, 2016

On Tuesday, September 6, 2016, we started deploying a regular service update. Please see our blog post for information on the release payload.

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7 sept.

General availability: UK geography and two new Azure regions


The United Kingdom Geography with two new Azure regions—UK South and UK West—is now generally available to customers.

6 sept.

API Management: How to mock responses

Mocking provides a way for APIs to return sample responses even when their back end isn’t capable of providing one.

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6 sept.

Major update to SQL Database Advisor makes database performance tuning much faster

SQL Database Advisor is now significantly faster when tuning your database performance, requiring only a day of activity before producing the tuning recommendations.

  • Azure SQL Database
5 sept.

New Azure Batch capabilities


Capabilities have been added to the Azure Batch service: Linux VM support (general availability), Linux MPI, task application packages, virtual network support for Windows VMs, and job auto-completion.

  • Batch


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