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    Clarify 'Offer details' page for nonprofit donations to provide detail regarding which services are exempt

    I suggest that the 'offer details' page (for Azure credits for non-profit organisations) should have a listing, or a link to a listing elsewhere, describing exactly which products and services are excluded. The general explanation is not clear enough. After opening a support case, I now understand that Azure Information Protection Premium P2 is one of the products excluded from the sponsorship offer for non-profit organisations. However, as a Microsoft Partner, I did not understand that when I first read the offer details page ( and recommended this as a solution to our nonprofit customer who wanted to implement email encryption with their existing Office 365 E1 plan (Exchange Online). They took my recommendation to the board and, several weeks later, gave the approval to proceed. We set it up, paid for the first month from our own credit card while waiting for the Azure credit donation to kick in, and now have to tell the customer that they can't have it.

    How To recover the Google Account without using the recovery email

    First of all the user needs to sign in to the Google account. Then the users need to enter the username and the password for signing in to the email account. Then the users may enter the email address and the corresponding password for signing in to the Google account. In case the user does not remember the password, then the user needs to answer some security questions. After answering these questions, the users will be able to recover the password of their Google account in an easy and fast manner. If the user forgets the answers to the questions, then the users may enter the recovery phone number for getting the password of the Google account recovered. The users will receive a verification code on the mentioned recovery phone number as a text message using which the users may be able to recover the password of the Google account. By using this verification code, the users may recover their Google account. These are some of the ways by which the users may get their password recovered and that too instantly and in less time. The users may dial Google Account Recovery Number for talking to the experts for getting their issues resolved in order to recover the Google account.

    allow for multi-byte (unicode) characters to be allowed when using the RADIUS authentication method in on-prem MFA

    Its currently not possible for users to authenticate via on-premises MFA if the given user has a unicode (multi-byte) character in their password like a £. This becomes inconvenient especially when MFA is being used as an authentication method for remote access and there aren't any other remote access methods available that don't use MFA.

    Cross Project Visibility and Work Item Tracking

    I am employed by a Microsoft Gold Partner. We implement Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations which requires Azure DevOps to manage the code repository. As a partner with multiple clients I need the ability to manage tasks across many parallel projects. Currently, when management asks me about the back log within my development team I have to look at 25+ sites. This is not practical. How can we achieve a cross-project portal?

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