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septembre 2015

22 sept.

Updates to Azure Mobile Apps server SDK

We have released a new open-source Node.js server SDK for Azure Mobile Apps and have made improvements to our .NET server SDK.

  • App Service
14 sept.

Additions to GitHub repository for Logic app connectors

We have added some new connectors to the logicapps.io GitHub repository for API Apps. In addition, we have improvements with regards to triggers, including retryPolicy support and a new "manual" trigger type.

  • App Service
14 sept.

Improvements in Logic app triggers

Logic app has a new retry policy and a new manual trigger type in the Code view.

  • App Service

août 2015

28 août

Logic Apps .NET SDK available

The Logic Apps .NET SDK makes it easy to programmatically manage your Logic apps if you use C#.

  • App Service
14 août

Do-until looping in logic apps

Logic apps started out with Foreach loops, but today, Do...until loops and other options give you more control, such as a native Wait capability and the ability to override HTTP async.

  • App Service

juillet 2015

27 juil.

Customizable retry policies in logic apps

You can customize how frequently and how many times logic apps will retry failures. Also, the logic app engine has made major performance improvements and added an easy way to get started by using logic app templates.

  • App Service
17 juil.

Updated Mobile Apps Server SDK available

The latest Mobile Apps SDK works with any ASP.NET project and provides more control over how your app operates.

  • App Service
10 juil.

Search for Logic Apps connectors and more Run blade details

We have added a search box to help you find exactly the connector you're looking for, and, we have added much richer details to the Run blade.

  • App Service

juin 2015

24 juin

Schedule Logic apps to run in the future

Create a Logic app that will run at a specific time in the future by using a new startTime property on triggers.

  • App Service
4 juin

Logic app templates in Azure Marketplace

There is a section in the Azure Marketplace that is full of templates for Logic apps to get you started quickly.

  • App Service

mai 2015

27 mai

General availability: Azure App Service Web Apps custom-domain capability


We’re partnering with GoDaddy to simplify the process of purchasing and managing custom domains.

  • App Service
27 mai

Azure App Service integrated with Zend Z-Ray

We recently announced a strategic partnership aimed at transforming developers’ productivity in the cloud.

  • App Service
13 mai

Create connectors in Logic Apps designer

You can now create new connectors directly in the Logic Apps designer by clicking an option in the right pane to automatically deploy it to your resource group.

  • App Service
1 mai

Visual Studio supports creating and deploying App Service Logic Apps

You can use Visual Studio to create and deploy your Logic Apps, as well as other new improvements like the ability to see the history of trigger executions and access documentation right from the designer.

  • App Service

avril 2015

29 avr.

Preview: Azure App Service Environment


Azure App Service Environment is a new Premium plan option providing a fully isolated runtime environment with new scalability and security options.

  • App Service
14 avr.

New string features for App Service Logic Apps

With the latest release of Logic Apps, you can cancel ongoing workflow runs, and there are many new functions available for manipulating strings. We have also increased certain limits (such as the size of strings and files).

  • App Service

mars 2015

26 mars

Launch of Azure App Service


App Service integrates the best of Azure Websites, Mobile Services, API Management, and Azure BizTalk Services, along with new capabilities in Logic and API apps to provide you with a unified set of capabilities for everything from the billing model to the development and management experience.

  • App Service
24 mars

Integrate Active Directory with App Service Web Apps


Azure Websites Authentication / Authorization allows you to quickly restrict access to your websites running on Azure Websites by leveraging Azure Active Directory.

  • Azure Active Directory
  • App Service
  • Security
24 mars

Whats new with Azure App Service?


Azure Websites changes to Azure App Service Web Apps. Mobile Apps, Logic Apps and API Apps are new Azure service as part of App Service.

  • App Service

janvier 2015

29 janv.

Azure Websites integration with HDInsight for weblog analytics

All customers who deploy their websites and web apps by using Azure Websites can generate weblogs that track all HTTP transactions and errors in detail.

  • App Service
  • HDInsight

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