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Explore Azure HPC solutions by industry and application to find the products and services you need to achieve your unique business objectives.

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Optimized for HPC workloads. Whether it’s fluid dynamics, finite element analysis, seismic processing, reservoir simulation, or weather modeling, run your workloads with maximum performance, scalability, and cost efficiency on Azure.

Extend your HPC environment to the cloud. Use Azure HPC resources on your terms. Dynamically burst to the cloud to complement your on-premises capabilities, or even fully migrate entire HPC environments and workflows.

Supercomputer networking

InfiniBand bandwidth and latency, with support for RDMA verbs, OFED drivers, and all MPI types and versions, including OpenMPI, MVAPICH2, Platform MPI, and Intel MPI—Azure is the only public cloud to offer InfiniBand.

Powerful compute

Extraordinary scalability and versatility with fully managed, dedicated supercomputers from Cray, powerful CPU and GPU virtual machines (VMs), highly capable virtual desktop offerings, and a wide-array of fast, and flexible storage options.

Seamless integration

Easily extend existing HPC resource environments to Azure— no need to re-architect your applications for the cloud. Use Azure tools to clone your clusters to the cloud and manage your application workflows.

Explore Azure HPC solutions by application and industry

Empower engineers, scientists, and researchers to make new breakthroughs in their fields with Azure HPC.

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Simulate all aspects of vehicle engineering cost-effectively and at scale with highly secure infrastructure.

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Financial services

Confidently meet regulatory requirements with an elastic and intelligent infrastructure for risk modeling. Extend your capacity as needed and only pay for what you use.

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Optimize all stages of upstream oil and gas industry exploration, appraisal, completion, and production.

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Life sciences

Accelerate insights in genomics, precision medicine, and clinical trials with near-infinite high-performance bioinformatics infrastructure.

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Scalable, secure, on-demand, high-performance infrastructure with compute, storage and networking optimized for EDA workloads.

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Rapidly iterate on product design to reduce time to market and improve product quality with scalable and highly secure on-demand infrastructure.

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Machine learning

Get powerful remote workstations, run clusters with near-infinite scale, and gain better insights with advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI workloads run on Azure.

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Visualisation de vos espaces de travail et applications sur des PC virtuels pour limiter au minimum les investissements liés aux PC clients, monter en puissance à la demande et réduire les problèmes de support informatique.

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Les processus de rendu destinés aux charges de travail des secteurs de la production multimédia et de la conception technique fournissent les résultats escomptés en une fraction du temps habituel.

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