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    Updating Azure Table Storage Field in Azure Data Factory

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    • azure-table-storage
    • azure-data-factory-2

    How to update a doc in a collection with Azure function Cosmos DB trigger?

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    • azure-functions
    • azure-cosmosdb
    • azure-triggers

    How to route specific port traffic on one domain to multiple Azure App Services?

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    • azure-web-sites
    • azure-application-gateway
    • azure-traffic-manager
    • azure-load-balancer


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    Switch currency for Azure account from USD to SGD

    Customers are not allowed to change the currency associated with their azure account once the account has been created. This design is really inflexible. Paying in a foreign currency lengthens the whole payment process and results in delayed payment received at Microsoft's end. Definitely not win-win!

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    Make more customisable

    I want to be able to hide Yammer, hide groups, add a custom link to our HR system and other things on this app page. Would be awesome if this was possible. I know I can hide all Office365 apps and hide some enterprise apps but I would like custom links and to hide specific 365 apps, not just all of them.

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