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    How can I upload Large files to Azure File share?

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    • azure
    • .net-core
    • azure-storage
    • azure-storage-files

    Set UTF-8 Encoding on Azure Functions Http Trigger

    • azure
    • rest
    • unity3d
    • encoding
    • unitywebrequest

    Please help piping variables into popen command with Python

    • python
    • bash
    • azure
    • subprocess
    • command-line-interface

    Commentaires Azure

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    Enhance termination notifications of VMSS

    Feature reference docs: Here is a description in termination notifications pages. Termination notifications only on ‘delete’ operations – All delete operations (manual delete or Autoscale-initiated scale-in) will generate Terminate events if your scale set has scheduledEventsProfile enabled. Other operations such as reboot, reimage, redeploy, and stop/deallocate do not generate Terminate events. Terminate notifications can't be enabled for low-priority VMs. As far as I know, reboot/redeploy/deallocate operation has already been tracked by metadata URL in Virtual Machine. I'm looking forward to have this feature working in VMSS too! It will help us in error handling.

    Allow access from trusted microsoft services one by one

    When configuring firewall for use with Azure Storage resources, and trying to allow access from "Trusted Microsoft Services", we only have to allow access from all of them, not a "Trusted Microsoft service " one by one. I think that It's better to allow access one by one on the security's perspective - allowing only necessary access from PaaS services in terms of system design.

    Delete warnings for Seamless single sign-on and Pass-through authentication after Azure AD Connect servers are deleted.

    I deleted the on-prem server in AD Connect Health after taking the on-prem server offline - AD Connect is not used/available as all accounts are now managed in AAD. I get a warning in Azure Active Directory blade > Azure AD Connect that 'Seamless single sign-on' and 'Pass-through authentication' need attention. There is no way to get rid of the warnings.

    Provide additional security options for Azure Devops Service Hooks

    We leverage Azure Devops Service Hooks to integrate pull requests with an external service. Currently, we have to rely on basic authentication and server TLS certificates, but the source IP addresses can be from anywhere in the same region as our tenant. Please support additional security options, like TLS client certificates and/or provide a smaller dedicated source IP range for generation of service hooks.

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