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Shared disks in Azure Disk Storage are now available

Published date: 21 July, 2020

Shared disks is a feature of Azure Disk Storage that allows a single disk to be attached to multiple virtual machines. This enables you to run your most demanding enterprise applications – such as clustered databases, parallel file systems, persistent containers and machine learning applications – in the cloud, without compromising well-known deployment patterns, for fast failover and high availability.

Shared disks are now available for Azure Ultra Disk Storage and Azure Premium SSD, and they offer a range of block storage options to optimise costs and performance. They also help ease the migration of these applications to Azure: 

  • SQL Server failover cluster instances, scale-out file servers and SAP ASCS/SCS running on Windows Server 2008+ 

  • Linux applications running on GFS2 or OCFS2, or distributed applications leveraging IO fencing on RHEL HA 8+, SUSE SLE HA 15+ and Ubuntu 18.04+

Learn more about Azure shared disks.

Visit the shared disk GA blog to learn more.

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