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In development: New options to bring your licences to a partner’s cloud

Published date: 07 September, 2022

On 1 October 2022, Microsoft will implement significant upgrades to our outsourcing and hosting terms that will benefit customers worldwide. Added benefits will enable new scenarios for how customers can license and run workloads with cloud providers, including partners in the Cloud Solution Provider programme. These changes will support customers’ ability to move their licences to a partners’ cloud, leverage shared hardware and have more flexibility in deployment options for their software licences. With these changes, customers have additional choices to deploy their solutions with more flexibility. See the Microsoft Licensing News for further details on what we’re doing to give customers more flexibility and choice. You can also see how we’re working with partners to make hosted cloud easier for customers, whether they bring their licences or get them from a partner. Partners can learn more on the Microsoft Partner blog. 

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