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New Canada Federal PBMM Azure Blueprint is now available

Published date: October 03, 2019

For organizations planning to host IaaS or PaaS workloads in Microsoft Azure, Microsoft is publishing a series of blueprint samples built in to Azure Blueprints to help you proactively manage and monitor your compliance obligations. Our most recent release is the Azure Canada Federal PBMM (Protected B, Medium Integrity, Medium Availability) Azure built-in blueprint. It maps a core set of Azure Policy definitions to specific controls for compliance with the Canadian Federal PBMM profile. The Canada Federal PBMM Azure built-in blueprint provides governance guardrails using Azure Policy which help towards Canada Federal PBMM attestation and enable customers to deploy a core set of policies for any Azure-deployed architecture. The control mapping documentation provides specific details on policies included within the blueprint and how they are mapped to various controls within the GC framework. When assigned to an architecture, resources will be evaluated by Azure Policy for non-compliance with assigned policies.

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