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Improvements to Azure Monitor metric alerts

Published date: 02 September, 2020

Quota increase to 5K

The number of metric alert rules you can define in a subscription was increased to 5,000 rules.

Editing tags

Metric alert rules now support updates using the HTTP PATCH operation, which allows updating alert rule properties and managing tags of existing metric alert rules.

Define an action group from another subscription

You can now define a metric alert rule that monitors a resource in one and is configured to trigger an action group that resides in another subscription.

New resource types enabled for metric alerts

Many resource types were enabled for metric alerts (e.g. Maps Accounts, App Configuration, Event Grid System Topics).

Alert on virtual machine network metrics

Alerting on the following network metrics of virtual machines is now supported: Network In Total, Network Out Total, Inbound Flows, Outbound Flows, Inbound Flows Maximum Creation Rate, Outbound Flows Maximum Creation Rate.

Create an alert rule on a custom metric that hasn‘t been emitted yet

You can now create alert rules on a custom metric even before it’s been emitted.

Define up to five conditions for metric alert rules created via the Azure portal

You can now configure up to five multiple conditions in one alert rule, which “ands” the conditions together.

Exclude dimension values for metric alert rules created via the Azure portal

When defining an alert rule on a metric that exposes dimensions via the Azure portal, you can choose to exclude a dimension value by selecting the ' ' (exclude) operator.

PowerShell enhancements

When creating or updating a metric alert rule using the Add-AzMetricAlertRuleV2 cmdlet, you can associate it with an action group by simply assigning the -ActionGroupId parameter.

Also, creating a metric alert rule that monitors an Application Insights availability test is now available via a dedicated PowerShell cmdlet Add-AzWebtestAlertRule.

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