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General availability: Optional uptime SLA for Azure Kubernetes Service private clusters

Published date: 21 January, 2021

We are releasing an optional uptime SLA option for AKS private clusters in all AKS-supported public regions. The optional uptime SLA for AKS non-private clusters is already available. With this release, we are extending the same feature to private clusters to allow customers to choose a higher availability for the Kubernetes API server with secure private clusters.

Uptime SLA is an optional feature to enable a financially backed, higher SLA for a cluster. Uptime SLA guarantees 99.95% availability of the Kubernetes API server endpoint for clusters that use availability zones and 99.9% of availability for clusters that don’t use availability zones. AKS uses master node replicas across update and fault domains to ensure that SLA requirements are met.

Pricing for Uptime SLA can be found here. The SLA contract details can be found here.

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