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General availability: Azure Functions extensions for Blobs, Queues, Event Hubs, Service Bus, and Event Grid

Published date: October 28, 2021

A set of Azure Functions triggers and bindings based on the latest Azure SDKs is now generally available. This covers:

Identity-based connections allow you to connect with these services using an identity rather than a connection string secret that must be managed. This identity could be the managed identity of your hosted app or, when running locally, your own developer identity.

.NET applications can now also be written with the latest types from the Azure SDKs. These replace some of the older types exposed by the triggers and bindings. To take advantage of these, you may also need to update some packages and `using` statements. Please see the binding reference for each service you wish to connect to.

Note that there are some related features which are not included in this release. The recently updated Cosmos DB extension is still in preview, as is support for AzureWebJobsStorage using identity-based connections.

To get started with the new triggers and bindings, please update your extensions. We will be updating client tools to use the new versions by default in the coming weeks so that new projects can take advantage of these improvements right away.

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