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Azure Red Hat OpenShift 3.11 will be retired on 30 June 2022

Published date: October 27, 2020

We recently announced Azure Red Hat OpenShift on OpenShift 4. OpenShift 4 enables you to create clusters in minutes, in a self-service fashion. Because this is a fully managed service, there are no virtual machines for you to manage. Learn more about the support policy and the benefits of OpenShift 4 in this blog

How does this affect me? 

While support for creation of new Azure Red Hat OpenShift 3.11 clusters continues through 30 November 2020, Azure Red Hat OpenShift 3.11 will be retired on 30 June 2022. Following retirement, the remaining Azure Red Hat OpenShift 3.11 clusters will be shut down to prevent security vulnerabilities. 

What actions should I take? 

Start using Azure Red Hat OpenShift on OpenShift 4 as it offers more robust functionality around cluster-admin support, cluster autoscaling and multi-availability zones clusters. Review the migration steps and start your transition early to avoid service disruption. 

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