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Azure Monitor Log Analytics now has new, upgraded visualisations

Published date: 24 February, 2020

Azure Monitor Log Analytics has greatly improved the ability to visualise logs data. The new charts are a faster, easier way to visualise your logs and allow additional ways to get more insight from your data.


New charts render visualisations faster, allowing you to get insights quickly.


Smooth animation and transitions make the visualisations more appealing.


Render Line Chart GIF



Improved tooltips allow you to focus on critical data.



Interactive legend

The chart legend is now responsive. Click a legend item to focus on its related data.

Interactive legend


Supported visualisation types

New charts in Log Analytics support the following visualisation types:

  • Stacked column
  • Unstacked column
  • 100% stacked column
  • Line
  • Scatter
  • Pie
  • Doughnut
  • Stacked area
  • Unstacked area
  • 100% stacked area

Visualisation types


Learn more about data visualisation in Log Analytics.

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