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Azure Monitor Log Analytics UI updates

Published date: 18 June, 2019

We are happy to share with you the following updates to Azure Monitor Log Analytics UI:

1) Copy menu – You have more flexibility and options to share a link to query, copy query text or just copy query results


2) Query history – You can easily access your query history from any Log Analytics instance:


3) Extended columns will now show in the results area by default – Log Analytics results area has been upgraded. If you choose to extend a column, Log Analytics will make sure that the extended column is shown in the results area.
This is very useful when extending a column over a multi-column result set.

4) Blade size – You can collapse all the blades on the left to get a “full screen” view which is helpful when you are querying and analysing your data.

Try out these new portal updates today and let us know your feedback.

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