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Azure Monitor Log Analytics UI improvements September 2020

Published date: 22 September, 2020

Search in query history

We have added the ability to search your query history using a new UI experience. 

You can use the new search in query history to quickly find queries you used in Log Analytics, making insights faster.

Read more about this new feature in this blog post.

Search in query dialogue:

Log Analytics adds the ability for you to search for queries directly from the query dialogue.  

Log Analytics example queries have hundreds of examples designed to let you reach insights faster, increasing your productivity. 

Read more about this new feature in this blog post.

Time picker enhancements:

Time picker now allows you to change the time scope of a query, even if it’s set in the query. You can use the time picker options to narrow down the time scope of a query,  even if a time span is set in query. This will further limit the time scope of all tables in the query, allowing a more intuitive way to “zoom in” on a specific time scope.

Read more about this enhancement in this blog post.


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