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Azure Data Factory enriches PolyBase support for loading data into SQL DW

Published date: June 26, 2019

Azure Data Factory (ADF) seamlessly integrates with PolyBase, the most efficient way to load data into SQL Data Warehouse (DW), to empower you to ingest data from 80+ data stores into SQL DW performantly. If your source data is PolyBase compatible, copy activity can directly invoking PolyBase on your behalf to save your from constructing the complex T-SQLs; if your source data is not originally supported by PolyBase, copy activity additionally provides built-in staged copy to automatically convert data into compatible format before using PolyBase to load the data.

Now ADF further enriches the PolyBase integration to support:

  • Loading data from Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 with account key or managed identity authentication;
  • Loading data from Azure Blob configured with VNet service endpoint, either as the original source or as staging store, in which case underneath ADF automatically switch to abfss:// scheme to create external data source as required by PolyBase.

For more information, see Use PolyBase to load data into Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

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