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Azure Blockchain Service enhancements are now in preview

Published date: November 04, 2019

Azure Blockchain Service keeps getting better with the addition of a new blockchain data manager and support for additional ledgers. Blockchain data manager for Azure Blockchain Service provides a solution to capture blockchain ledger data, transform it (for example, filter, decode) and then deliver that data to multiple sources such as off chain databases, or streaming services like Event Grid and Service Bus which allow for even further application integration across all cloud products. Blockchain data manager also enables integration, auditing, and interoperability between ledgers and off-chain systems, enabling users to create and manage E2E solutions.

Support for additional ledgers, including Enterprise Corda by R3 and Hyperledger Fabric (v1.4.1) on Azure Container Service  is also now available. Corda Enterprise will be supported as part of Azure Blockchain Service. Hyperledger will be accessible via a template on the Azure marketplace.  R3 will be supported as part of Azure Blockchain Service.

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