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Azure Backup solution for SAP HANA databases is now available

Published date: 01 April, 2020

The Azure Backup solution for SAP HANA databases is now generally available in all Azure public and government regions – with the exception of Germany Northeast, Germany central, France South and US Gov IOWA. 

In addition, these new features are now available with the solution.

Feature releases:

  • Support for SLES 15, SLES 15 SP1 (now available).
  • Restore recovery point as files from Azure portal is available (CLI support coming soon).
  • Support for operations from HANA studio (in preview).

Future roadmap items:

  1. Preview for support for RHEL (coming soon).
  2. Support for HANA incremental backup.
  3. Increasing the current limit of 2-TB database size for backup and restore.

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