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PowerShell 7.1 runbook support in Azure Automation available in public preview

Published date: November 03, 2021

Azure Automation support for PowerShell 7.1 runbooks is available as public preview in Azure public, Azure Gov, and Azure China clouds. This enables developing and executing runbooks for infrastructure and operational automation scenarios using PowerShell 7.1 as cloud jobs as well as hybrid jobs across Azure and non-Azure machines. 

We have introduced the concept of Runtime Version with PowerShell 7.1. The PowerShell version is determined by the property Runtime Version, 7.1 or 5.1. Azure Automation service will support the latest PowerShell runtime as the new PowerShell versions will get released.

The same Azure sandbox and Hybrid Runbook Worker can execute PowerShell 5.1 and PowerShell 7.1 runbooks side by side. At the time of runbook execution, if you select Runtime Version as 7.1 (preview), PowerShell modules targeting 7.1 runtime version is used and if you select Runtime Version as 5.1, PowerShell modules targeting 5.1 runtime version are used. 

With the inclusion of the Runtime version property and to simplify the user experince while working with runbooks and modules, you will see an updated flow for Runbook creation, Import Runbook, and Add\import a module blade in the Azure portal.

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