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Az module support in Azure Automation is now available

Published date: September 28, 2021

In February 2021, Microsoft announced AzureRM PowerShell module retirement by 29 February 2024 . This will be replaced with PowerShell modules named “Az” which provides all the capabilities of AzureRM modules with more improvements.

To make it easy for you to work with the Az modules, Azure Automation now supports Az modules by default. This means that all new Automation Accounts will be created with the latest version of Az modules - 6.4.0 imported natively.  

There is also an option available in the portal “Update Az Modules” to update modules to Az for existing Automation accounts. This provides a version selection option for you to update the existing modules to the latest version from the portal.

What’s the Benefit?

  • The update takes care of handling all the dependencies behind the scenes, thereby taking away all the hassles of manually importing & updating the modules.
  • The control will be in your hands on when and which version of Az to update the modules.

What will change in the portal?

  • New Automation Accounts will have latest Az Modules by default, starting with 6.4.0.
    • New versions will be released by Azure Automation team following the PowerShell version releases & there would be no impact on existing automation accounts.
  • To the existing Automation Accounts, the Az modules can be added by using the Update Az Modules feature.
    • If there are no Az modules present in the existing account, the new Az modules will be added.
    • If there are existing Az modules present e.g., Az. Accounts. All other modules will be updated to selected Az version except Az. Accounts to maintain backward compatibility.

Learn how to import Az module in Automation Account.

Learn more about Az PowerShell Module.

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