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Azure Application Gateway Standard v2 and WAF v2 SKUs generally available

Published date: 30 April, 2019

Application Gateway is Azure’s Application Delivery Controller as a service offering which provides customers with layer 7 load balancing, security and WAF functionality.

Azure Application Gateway Standard v2 and WAF v2 SKUs are now generally available and fully supported with a 99.95 SLA. The v2 SKUs also offer the following additional capabilities to Application Gateway and WAF:

  • Auto-scaling allows elasticity to your application, enabling it to scale up or down based on application traffic pattern. This also eliminates the need to run Application Gateway at peak provisioned capacity, thus significantly saving cost.
  • Zone redundancy enables your Application Gateway to survive zonal failures, thereby offering better resilience to your applications.
  • Static VIPs ensure that the Application Gateway VIP will not change its lifecycle.
  • Header Rewrite allows you to add, remove or update HTTP request and response headers, allowing applications to enable various scenarios such as HSTS support, securing cookies, changing cache controls etc. without changing application code.
  • Faster provisioning and configuration update time
  • Improved performance offers better application performance and also helps reduce overall cost.

For more information about the capabilities available, please visit the Application Gateway documentation web page.

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