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Azure Advisor will no longer display aggregated potential yearly savings beginning 30 September 2024

Published date: 19 April, 2024

In the Azure portal, Azure Advisor currently shows potential aggregated cost savings under the label "Potential yearly savings based on retail pricing" on pages where cost recommendations are displayed (as shown in the image). This aggregated savings estimate will be removed from the Azure portal on 30 September 2024. However, you can still evaluate potential yearly savings tailored to your specific needs by following these steps. All individual recommendations and their associated potential savings will remain available.

Recommended action
If you want to continue calculating aggregated potential yearly savings, follow these steps. Note that individual recommendations may show savings that overlap with the savings shown in other recommendations, although you may not be able to benefit from them concurrently. For example, you can benefit from savings plans or from reservations for virtual machines, but not typically from both on the same virtual machines.

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