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A8-A11 Azure Virtual Machine sizes will be retired on 1 March 2021

Published date: 25 February, 2020

As we continue to bring more modern and optimised virtual machine instances to Azure, on the latest innovations in data centre hardware, we must also thoughtfully plan how we will retire aging hardware. With this in mind, we are retiring our A8-A11 Azure Virtual Machine sizes on 1 March 2021. This is a change from our previous announcement of an October 2020 retirement date.

How does this affect me?

Starting today, customers with existing A8-A11 size virtual machines will be able to deploy more of the same size, but new customers will no longer be able to create A8-A11 VMs.

After 1 March 2021, any remaining A8-A11 size virtual machines remaining in your subscription will be set to a deallocated state. These virtual machines will be stopped and removed from the host. These virtual machines in a deallocated state will no longer be billed.

What actions should I take?

Before 1 March 2021, you will need to resize your A8-A11 virtual machines. We recommend moving your high-performance computing (HPC) workloads to another HPC Virtual Machine size.

Learn more about resizing your Azure Virtual Machine size.

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