Mesosphere DC/OS on Azure

Easily run data and containers in production on Azure

Easily transform your legacy applications

Deliver the usability, scalability and flexibility that today’s applications – and developers – require by running Mesosphere DC/OS on Azure. Discover the agility that containers bring to your environment with this comprehensive Mesos framework solution.

Combine the best of Mesosphere with the best of Azure

Scale infinitely

Grow from a few nodes to tens of thousands of nodes effortlessly while dynamically allocating resources with ease.

Run anywhere

Built on top of open-source technology, Mesosphere DC/OS lets you run in any cloud or data centre, maintaining your flexibility.

Never fail

Keep your apps running by automatically rebalancing resources and restarting failed tasks.

Optimise resources

Increase resource utilisation across your data centres by packing each server with multiple applications.

Operate automatically

Save time and money by bringing a high degree of automation to managing your cluster.

Develop quickly

Build and deploy faster. With Mesosphere DC/OS, you’ll be thinking about code, not servers.

Move your first app to Mesosphere DC/OS for free!

Migrate your first app to Mesosphere DC/OS and discover the agility containers can bring to your environment – and how Mesosphere DC/OS on Azure simplifies container monitoring, management and operations.

Healthcare company makes technology solution development radically more efficient with AKS


Energy company rapidly develops, builds, tests, deploys and monitors microservices applications running in containers.


Healthcare company targets software innovation rather than operational tasks.

Varian Health

Energy company electrifies pace of innovation and expansion

Ambit Energy

Global transport and logistics company goes digital to transform its operations


Transportation leader builds load-matching cloud service for shippers and carriers.

J.B. Hunt

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