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Azure Internet Analyzer

Azure Internet Analyzer PREVIEW

Test how networking infrastructure changes will impact your customers' performance.

Test app and content delivery architectures in Azure

Test and measure how changes to your cloud network architecture affects your users’ performance over the Internet. Whether you’re migrating from on-premises to Azure or evaluating a new Azure service, learn from your users’ data and Microsoft’s rich analytics to better understand and optimize your network architecture with Azure—before you migrate.

Test and compare the performance between your on-premise infrastructure and Azure, based on your customers

Evaluate new services, like Azure Front Door and Azure Content Delivery Network, to improve your customer’s performance

Utilize custom options to compare any of your current endpoints with Azure services

Get regular network performance test results with daily, weekly, and monthly reports

Understand how users experience your service

Draw actionable insights from big data to make the best decisions for your users, customers, and employees. Learn how networking infrastructure changes affect user performance, and conduct a variety of tests as your architecture needs evolve.

Evaluate the impact of migration—at any stage

Reduce risk at any stage of your migration, whether you are preparing to move your first workload to the cloud or considering changes to your existing cloud infrastructure. Learn about the performance benefits of different Azure services, including single and multiregional strategies, Azure Front Door, and Content Delivery Network.

Test a variety of Azure services before going live

Accelerate your users’ performance by testing how changes to your network infrastructure will affect network —before you deploy. Choose the endpoints and Azure services you want to evaluate and set up a test. Before ever deploying a workload on Azure, you’ll understand how application and content delivery services may affect your user performance.

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

A security center overview in Azure showing policy and compliance data and resource security hygiene.
The security center compute and apps tab in Azure showing a list of recommendations.

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Developer resources

Get help from documentation and learning modules

Get popular developer resources like quickstartscode samplestutorials, and SDKs.

Learn cloud skills with free, hands-on, step-by-step learning modules from Microsoft Learn.

Frequently asked questions about Azure Internet Analyzer

  • The preview is available to select customers. If you are interested in joining the preview, please contact us.

  • Yes, the Internet Analyzer client must be installed in your application to collect metrics on your unique users. Learn how to install the client.

  • No, Azure Internet Analyzer is free to use. There is no service-level agreement for the preview. Get more pricing information.

  • To see a full list of possible testing options, view our documentation.

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