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Pricing for Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps Server 2019 licensing

With Azure DevOps Server 2019, you can either pay month-to-month through Azure or you can buy classic software licences which requires a 3-year commitment. Buying through Azure provides bonus of entitling you to use our cloud service, so you can move to the cloud at your own pace. With either option, you’ll also need Windows or Windows Server licences for the servers running Azure DevOps Server 2019.

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Pay through Azure

No three-year purchasing commitment – just pay month-to-month and you can cancel at any time. Here’s how:

Step 1: Buy Visual Studio subscriptions

$45 per user per month

Visual Studio Professional


$250 per user per month

Visual Studio Enterprise

  • Visual Studio subscriptions include one server licence plus a user CAL for the subscriber.

Step 2: Buy Azure DevOps Basic or Basic + Test Plans for your other users

$6 per user per month

Basic Plan licence


$52 per user per month

Basic + Test Plans licence

  • Buying through Azure entitles you to use both Azure DevOps in the cloud and Azure DevOps Server, so you can move to the cloud when you're ready.

Classic purchasing

To buy or renew traditional server licences or CALs for Azure DevOps Server, Windows or Windows Server, order through your authorised Microsoft software reseller.

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