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Azure Government for state and local agencies

Further your mission with a hybrid cloud built to help you innovate

Develop mission-critical apps at scale and deliver improved services to your citizens. Get a broad selection of tools on an easy-to-use cloud platform, along with advanced security and threat detection.

Develop and deploy solutions in a flexible, hybrid environment

Accelerate innovation with tools and services that make it easy to build apps and provide better customer experiences. Analyse complex data streams in real time, and gain insights that help you further your mission in new ways.

Choose from a vast network of approved partners who offer solutions built specifically for United States government organisations.

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Advance your mission and improve your services

Use the power of government cloud computing to further your mission. Designed exclusively for United States federal, state, local, and tribal agencies and their partners, Azure Government offers:

  • A strict validation programme to determine eligibility before you move workloads
  • Complete data, application and hardware residency in the continental United States
  • Geo-replication between data centres that are 500 miles apart, to support business continuity
  • Data centres with round-the-clock monitoring, operated by screened United States citizens

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