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    Azure CLI Command to display Instance Name and Resource group

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    Azure Windows VM Configuration Best Practices

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    • azure-automation

    ElasticSearch on Azure - VM Availability Set vs Scale Set

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    Data Loss in Azure

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    IOPs limit on Azure Linux VM for 55 TB Oracle Database

    We have one customer who have Oracle Database on RAC and size is around 55 TB, is it possible to migrate Oracle databse with 55 GB on Azure VM?What is max IOPs, CPUs and Memory supported? Do you see any limitation?Please reach out to me if you need any more details.Dinesh

    Why is clock speed never a choice when selecting VM ?

    Clock Speed is critical for specialized COTS applications that need migrated to Azure. However, there does not seem to be any option to select clock speed when selecting a VM.

    Cancel button in VM Run Command

    There should be the ability to 'cancel' a command executed in the RUN Command within Azure virtual machines.

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