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    Selecting subset data from complex collection

    We have the User's data with complex collection storing various groups the user has access to : -UserID -FirstName (String) -LastName (String) - Address .. .. -Groups (Complex Type(Collection)) -- GroupID (int) -- Tags (Collection) -- GroupName (String) --.. What we want to select is UserID, GroupName & Tags matching the GroupID passed. SerchParameter.Filter = "UserID=1 and GroupID in (2,4)" SerchParameter.FilterFields = "UserID, Groups" .. FilterFields is something new different form SearchParameter.Fields

    Please make it possible to rename an index.

    Please make it possible to rename an index.

    Azure Blob Storage soft delete is not compatible with Azure Search

    To track deletions, a soft delete policy is required in the data source. Something Azure Storage supports. However, it is not compatible with Azure Search. This should be an out-of-the-box feature in Azure Search.

    Extract Graph in pdf file

    I would like to suggest to include the function of extract the graph or image in the documents file like PDF, words and PowerPoint .

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