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Azure Network Function Manager

Extend Azure management for deploying 5G and SD-WAN network functions on edge devices.

Deploy marketplace network functions on Azure Stack Edge

Azure Network Function Manager offers a consistent management experience for pre-validated mobile network functions to enable a private LTE/5G solution. The service also enables a seamless cloud-to-edge experience for Azure Marketplace network functions such as SD-WAN.

Specialized network functions such as mobile packet core to enable private LTE/5G solution on Azure Stack Edge

Network functions delivered as an Azure-Managed Application on Azure Stack Edge for simplified management

Rich ecosystem of partners that provide pre-validated network function offers to run on Azure Stack Edge

Deliver consistent experience from cloud to edge

Easily deploy and manage SD-WAN, VPN solutions at the edge from a rich ecosystem of partners. For a true hybrid experience, use Azure Marketplace to choose from a pre-validated list of marketplace network functions just like the network functions you use for Azure and Azure Virtual WAN, to help ensure proper operation with Azure Stack Edge. This ensures that you use only approved versions, and you don't have to be a networking expert to manage them.

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Run a private LTE/5G network on Azure Stack Edge

Run on-premises, secure private 5G/LTE mobile networks that you can rapidly deploy from your choice of mobile packet core network function partner in the Azure portal. These networks provide ultra-low latency to enable real-time edge applications for use cases like augmented reality, virtual reality, and industrial robotics.

Gain central visibility, operations and compliance

Centralize visibility and manage the lifecycle of a wide range of network functions delivered to your on-premises Azure Stack Edge device. Manage network functions across multiple Azure Stack Edge devices with a consistent management service using the familiar Azure portal. Meet governance and delegate access for network functions using role-based access control (RBAC).

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Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

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Partner Solutions

Celona Private Mobile Network solution using Azure Network Function Manager and Azure Stack Edge to deliver low-latency, high throughput applications at the edge.

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Network Function Manager resources

Frequently asked questions about Azure Network Function Manager

  • Network Function Manager is available in East US, West Europe and SouthEast Asia regions.

  • Network Function Manager currently supports the Azure Stack Edge Pro GPU device, an AI-enabled edge computing device built to run network functions and CPU/GPU applications.

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