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Monthly updates for Virtual Machines: January 2020

27 Jan

Upgrade to new solution for Azure Monitor for virtual machines

The new solution for Azure Monitor for VMs will soon be available in all regions. This update will provide richer monitoring functionality and map data sets for Service Map customers. Once it’s available in your region, it’ll be necessary to upgrade to the new solution in order to continue using Azure Monitor for VMs.

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17 Jan

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Bring-Your-Own-Subscription Gold Images now Generally Available in Azure


Target availability: Q1 2020

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) bring-your-own-subscription (BYOS) images, also referred to as RHEL Gold images, are now generally available in Azure with a simple automated sign-up process. This new automated sign-up process provides faster and simpler access to the gold images.

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1 Jan

Azure Bastion now generally available in East US 2 and West US 2


Azure Bastion is now generally available in two more Azure public cloud regions—East US 2 and West US 2. We'll continue to add more regions going forward.

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