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What is Azure Stack?

An extension of Azure to consistently run hybrid applications on-premises.

Drive innovation anywhere.

Extend Azure services and capabilities on-premises. Azure Stack lets you build, deploy and operate hybrid cloud applications consistently across Azure and Azure Stack. It’s sold as an integrated system of software and validated hardware.

Edge and disconnected solutions

Address latency and connectivity requirements by processing data locally in Azure Stack, then aggregating it in Azure for further analytics, sharing common application logic across both. This scenario brings together the best of edge computing and cloud computing to unlock business value that was not possible until now. From factory floors to cruise fleets and remote sites, Azure Stack customers are harnessing the power of our truly consistent hybrid cloud technology to enable aggregated analytics and decision-making.

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Cloud applications that meet varied regulatory requirements

In global deployment contexts, sometimes you need to host different instances of the same app to Azure or Microsoft Azure Stack, depending on your business and technical needs. Develop and deploy applications in Azure, with full flexibility to deploy on-premises using Azure Stack to meet your specific regulatory or policy requirements, without changing any code.

Cloud application model on-premises

Apply Azure Web services, containers, serverless computing and microservices architectures to update and extend your legacy applications with Azure Stack, while using a consistent DevOps process in both cloud and on-premises deployments. Across mainframe and core business process applications, use Azure and Azure Stack for a hybrid cloud environment that meets your changing needs.

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