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Azure benefits and incentives

Find special offers, benefits, and incentives to help you migrate to Azure, optimise costs, learn new skills, and grow your business

Get the most value from your cloud investment

No matter what your current or future goals are, or what your level of familiarity is with cloud computing, Azure helps you at every stage of your cloud journey.

Start exploring Azure anytime by signing up for a free account—you’ll get free services and a $200 credit.

Try Azure for free

Lower your migration costs

Save on your Azure migration and get outstanding short-term and long-term cost performance for your resources, including your apps, data, servers, and analytics.

Azure Hybrid Benefit

Save big by bringing Windows Server and SQL Server on-premises licences to Azure. Offer now also applies to Red Hat and SUSE Linux.

Azure Migration and Modernisation Programme

Qualify for free Azure credit to help offset migration costs and accelerate your cloud journey with the right mix of guidance, resources, and expert help.

Azure Synapse Analytics migration offer

Save up to 33 percent by committing to spend at least $100000 on Synapse Analytics over the next three years. Available until December 31, 2021.

Free Windows and SQL Server security updates

Migrate 2008 and 2008 R2 server workloads to Azure and get three more years of security updates following end of support dates.

Azure Databricks migration discount

Save up to 52 percent by migrating on-premises big data workloads and qualify for a free migration assessment. Available until December 31, 2021.

FastTrack for Azure

Get direct help from Azure engineers to develop and deploy projects with at least $5000 of expected incremental monthly usage.

Grow your business

If you’re already using Microsoft products and technologies—such as Microsoft 365 or Dynamics 365—discover new ways to expand your business capabilities, be more productive, and get the right level of expert help when you need it.

Azure dev/test pricing

Get discounted development and test rates on Azure with a Visual Studio subscription.

Free Azure Sentinel data ingestion

Microsoft 365 E5 customers can save up to $1500/month on a 3,500-seat deployment, up to 100 MB per user/month. Available until November 1, 2021.

Free SQL Server and Power BI scans in Microsoft Purview

Scan SQL Servers and Power BI tenants for free during the Microsoft Purview product preview.

Azure Virtual Desktop savings for new customers

Save to up 30 percent on compute costs on select virtual machines for up to 90 days. Must use the Microsoft native solution. Available until December 31, 2021.

Free support for commercial contracts

Get free standard support through June 30, 2022, on Azure services purchased under a commercial contract through Microsoft.

FastTrack for Azure

Work directly with Azure engineers to develop and deploy projects with least $5000 of expected incremental monthly usage.

Optimise your costs

Reduce your on-going costs by right-sizing your Azure resources, reserving them in advance, and taking advantage of special subscription offers.


Reduce costs up to 72 percent for select Azure services such as virtual machines by paying for them in advance—and pay monthly at no extra cost.

Azure Spot Virtual Machines

Ideal for interruptible workloads, get up to 90 percent off with Azure Spot VMs and never pay more than the max amount you set.

Azure dev/test pricing

Get discounted development and test rates on Azure with a Visual Studio subscription.

Azure for students, developers, and non-profits

Start putting your ideas into action and explore the world of cloud innovation with Azure offers, credit, and free services.

Monthly credit for Visual Studio

Get up to $150 monthly to try Azure services with your Visual Studio subscription.

Azure for students

Students age 18 or older attending two- or four-year institutions full time get $100 within the first 12 months, plus select free services.

Azure for non-profits

Eligible non-profits get grants and discounts on Azure, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft 365 services, plus $3500 annually.

Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

Teachers and students can qualify for low-cost subscriptions on pro developer tools, software, and services.

Try Azure for free

Experiment and build with free cloud services and $200 to explore Azure for 30 days.

Talk to a sales specialist

Get a walkthrough of Azure pricing and understand pricing for your cloud solution.

Explore purchasing options

Purchase through the Azure website, your Microsoft representative, or an Azure partner.