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Linux on Azure

Run and manage applications your way with your preferred Linux distribution on Azure.

Get a seamless Linux experience for every workload

Azure offers several common Linux distributions, including Red Hat, SUSE, and Ubuntu by Canonical. Create your own Linux virtual machines (VMs), deploy and run containers in Kubernetes, or choose from hundreds of preconfigured images and Linux workloads in Azure Marketplace. Select Azure Linux as the container host operating system (OS) for your Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) clusters. To run community-supported Linux distributions on Azure, simply upload your preferred Linux OS image.

Learn more about Azure Linux, a container host OS optimized for AKS. Read the blog
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  • Avoid lengthy lead time for Linux environment preparation and migrate with less friction.
  • Spend less time on administrative tasks using intuitive Linux open-source environment and application management tools.
  • Get complete built-in support for Red Hat and SUSE.
  • Streamline the creation of fully governed environments with Azure landing zones using Bicep.
  • Build scalable applications with scale sets for Linux VMs. Create and manage a group of load-balanced VMs that can automatically increase or decrease in response to demand or a defined schedule.
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  • Detect weak spots across your cloud configuration, strengthen the overall security posture of your environment, and help protect workloads across multicloud and hybrid environments from evolving threats with Microsoft Defender for Cloud.
  • Simplify security operations and speed up threat responses with Microsoft Sentinel, an AI-based security information and event management (SIEM) service.
  • Prevent identity mismanagement across your Linux and Windows workloads with Azure role-based access control and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).
  • Balance compliance with business agility using governance tools like Azure Policy.
  • Manage your cloud spend with transparency and accuracy through Microsoft Cost Management.
  • Simplify data protection with Azure Backup, a centralized backup solution that scales based on your needs.
  • Minimize downtime and help ensure business continuity during planned and unplanned outages with Azure Site Recovery.
  • Get full observability into your applications, cloud infrastructure, and network with Azure Monitor.
  • Manage your Linux services across cloud and on-premises environments using Azure Arc.
  • Build a truly consistent hybrid cloud infrastructure by integrating your on-premises and cloud environments with Azure Stack and the Open Service Broker API.
  • Apply containers to your hybrid Red Hat workloads with Azure Red Hat OpenShift.
  • Experience high throughput and low latency for all endorsed Linux distributions with best-in-class InfiniBand networks.
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  • Bring your existing Red Hat and SUSE Linux subscription and licenses to Azure using Azure Hybrid Benefit for Linux VMs.
  • Reduce costs up to 72 percent compared to pay-as-you-go pricing for Linux on Azure.1 Lower your upfront cash outflow with monthly payment options at no additional cost.
  • Receive a discount on Azure services by purchasing reservations. Take advantage of one-year or three-year terms to support your budget goals.
  • Get lower prices with an Azure savings plan by agreeing to spend a fixed hourly amount on compute services for one or three years.
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Customers are innovating with Linux on Azure

Achieving a unified global cloud transformation

The delivery platform transformation achieved workload migration savings of more than USD$100,000 per month. In addition, NTT estimates the overall three-year total cost of ownership savings from the move to a consumption-based Azure model to be USD$1 million.

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Embracing a cloud-based future to boost cost savings

"We've taken the time to use cloud-native technologies wherever possible. ...We've realized a cost savings benefit of more than 20 percent compared to our previous on-premises setup as of now."

Umeshi de Fonseka, Chief Technology Officer, AIA Sri Lanka

A city skyline featuring an AIA building

Serving up ease of management and modern security

"Azure Arc supports us by freeing up our time from the day-to-day activities of the technical team and focusing on the customer value-add activities. It helps us to make sure that services are always on at the right time for the customer."

Scott Clennell, Platform and Infrastructure Services Manager, Greggs

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Mapping a path to innovation with Linux on Azure

"By choosing a cloud platform that supports Linux so beautifully, we can embrace open-source innovation in an unconstrained manner. Azure supplies the management and control capabilities coupled with the safety, security, and compliance we need."

Koen Denecker, Vice President of Platform Engineering, TomTom

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Reimagining convenience for bank customers

"The joint credibility of ACI Worldwide and Microsoft in the marketplace will help us redefine the future of payments as we use imaginative solutions like Linux on Azure. That can only happen with a partner like Microsoft."

Sam Jawad, Head of Banking and Financial Intermediaries, ACI Worldwide

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See available Linux VM images

Browse all the published Linux distributions and workloads on Azure Marketplace.

Create a Linux virtual machine

Learn how to create a Linux virtual machine using the Azure portal.

Ready when you are

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[1] Savings calculations based on one M32ts Azure VM for Ubuntu Linux in the East US Azure region running for 36 months at a pay-as-you-go rate of ~USD$1,976.11/month; reduced rate for a 3-year reserved instance of ~USD$552.85/month. Azure pricing as of April 6, 2023 (prices subject to change). Actual savings may vary based on location, instance type, or usage.