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Windows for IoT

Build intelligent edge solutions with developer tools, long-term support, and enterprise-grade security

Build intelligent IoT devices

Empower your organisation to build and run cutting-edge technology on a dependable, lasting Windows foundation. Harness the reliability of Windows and unlock the power of IoT. Quickly create, deploy and scale IoT solutions on a trusted operating system with familiar development and management tools. Seamlessly connect devices to the cloud with Azure IoT, and tap into insights to deliver personalised experiences, drive deeper customer engagement and improve business outcomes.

The same graphics and media foundation that drives Xbox and Windows gaming to create rich and engaging user experiences

Powerful and familiar development tools to build and manage Windows for IoT devices

Ten years of lifecycle support to reduce device recertification, improve device viability, and diminish security risk

Open cloud protocol support and an out-of-box experience that brings Azure intelligence to Windows for IoT

Start developing now with your current skillset

Accelerate time to market by starting your Windows for IoT project on the right path. Choose your development tools based on your organisational needs, resources and objectives. Utilise the existing knowledge and experience of your developers to build and manage Windows for IoT devices with powerful tools such as Visual Studio. Begin building complete IoT solutions for your business from day one.

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Trust your operating system

Create more secure IoT solutions that are built on a foundation of over 1 billion active Windows devices. Protect your devices with enterprise-grade security built into Windows for IoT and deliver a predicable experience with device lockdown. Take a Zero Trust approach with a security model that adapts to the complexity of the modern IoT environment.

Learn more about Windows for IoT security

Leverage the best of Windows and Linux with EFLOW

With Azure IoT Edge for Linux on Windows (EFLOW), deploy Linux-based, cloud-native production workloads on Windows for IoT and retain your existing Windows management assets at the edge. Build applications that require an interactive UX and high-performance hardware without having to choose between Windows or Linux.

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Build intelligent IoT solutions using Azure IoT

Simplify device-to-cloud connection with Azure IoT open cloud protocol support and an out-of-box experience. Build reactive, proactive, or cognitive apps with Azure AI and Azure Cognitive Services. Enhance your solutions with AI at the edge using Windows and Azure machine learning to drive real business insight and create new business opportunities.

See how to connect Windows for IoT and Azure IoT

Read the latest edition of the IoT Signals report

This paper builds on the success of prior reports, uncovering fresh learnings and insights on the state of IoT.

Build on a secure foundation

  • Trusted as the OS on over 1 billion devices.
  • Protect your devices with the enterprise-grade security built into Windows for IoT.
  • Help protect data using the latest Microsoft security technology from the device to the cloud.

Windows for IoT pricing

Windows for IoT is sold exclusively through Microsoft partners.

Trusted by companies of all sizes

"The platform is able to personalize that interaction—like a retailer's handshake with their customer—which they haven't had before."

Scott Negley, Director of Dispenser Products, Dover Fuelling Solutions
Dover Fuelling Solutions

"Because IoT-PREDICT is built on Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, it's very easy for customers to deploy."

John Savage, Co-founder and CTO, ActionPoint

"As we expand the Seeker, device compatibility in the Windows ecosystem expands too; it's just not a problem."

Bhargav V. Maganti, Cofounder, Monarc

Frequently asked questions about Windows for IoT

  • Find more information on how to develop solutions with Windows for IoT in the Windows for IoT Development Centre.
  • Talk to your Microsoft partner about your options for moving to Windows for IoT. Note that support ends at different times for various Windows Embedded 7 editions. Search the product and services lifecycle information page for details about your specific product.
  • Windows Server IoT is a full version of Windows Server that delivers enterprise manageability and security to IoT solutions. Windows Server IoT shares all the benefits of the worldwide Windows ecosystem. It's a binary equivalent to Windows Server, which makes it easy to use the same development and management tools that you use on your general-purpose servers. Windows Server IoT is licensed only through the OEM channel under special dedicated use rights. Learn more.
  • Windows for IoT provides a best-in-class solution for devices with MPU-class processing power or rich user experiences. Azure Sphere complements this solution by fortifying IoT devices with Microsoft security innovations and expertise in hardware, software, and the cloud.
  • Read our datasheet to compare versions.
  • Learn about purchasing Windows for IoT in the documentation.

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