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Azure public multi-access edge compute (MEC)

Deliver high-performance, low-latency applications and immersive experiences at the operator edge with integrated Azure compute and operator 5G connectivity

Enhance application performance and experience at the operator edge

Azure public MEC integrates Azure compute and edge-optimised Azure services with the mobile operator’s public 5G network connectivity. Use the solution to rapidly develop and deliver a broad collection of low-latency applications and solve critical business problems at the operator edge.

Analyse data closer to where it’s captured – on industrial IoT devices, cars, smartphones or any other edge-enabled devices to produce better insights for faster responses. Use Azure private MEC to deliver smarter solutions for real-world business problems.

Azure public MEC provides the flexibility you need to rapidly deploy innovative solutions, increase efficiency and optimise costs. Leverage the operator’s 5G connectivity to access new 5G and edge services without managing infrastructure. Move only the low-latency components you need to address a particular use case from your cloud-based solution to the edge. Use network slicing features to distinguish traffic by use case, and offer applications on-demand based on users’ needs.

Bring the power of Azure compute, automation, and developer experience to the operator edge with Azure public MEC. Use Azure tools and services to deploy, manage, scale, and monitor your applications. Leverage industry-leading Azure security and comprehensive compliance to deploy MEC solutions with confidence.

Build solutions with Azure services and validated applications from a rich ecosystem of ISV partners that are developing solutions for the edge. Develop applications that address specific connectivity, security, and low-latency use cases for key industries such as retail, healthcare, and gaming.

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Azure Virtual Machines

Create virtual machines (VMs) in seconds and reduce costs.

Kubernetes on Azure

Deploy and manage containerized applications more easily with a fully managed Kubernetes service.

Azure Load Balancer

Deliver high availability and network performance to your apps.

Azure Virtual Network

Provision private networks, optionally connect to on-premises datacentres.

Azure Private Link

Private access to services hosted on the Azure platform, keeping your data on the Microsoft network.

Azure Virtual Network peering

Virtual network peering enables you to seamlessly connect two or more Virtual Networks in Azure.

Partners are doing great things with Azure public MEC

A live-streamed shopping experience

Learn how Azure public MEC enables enterprise customers to build a live-streamed shopping experience with Summit Tech Odience platform and AT&T’s 5G mobility network.

Personalised customer experiences

Running a Couchbase-powered data centre at the edge of 5G wireless network on Azure public MEC ensures high guarantees of speed and bandwidth, providing the fastest possible response times for applications that require ultra-low latency.

Fast access to gamers

GameCloud used Azure public MEC as a competitive advantage to deliver immersive experiences to gamers using ultra-latency 5G wireless network connectivity.

Fast access to applications

VMware SD-WAN provides fast and seamless access to applications running on Azure public MEC.

Microsoft partners testimonial

Learn how ISVs Citirx, Fortinet, GameCloud, Spirent, and VMware are collaborating with Microsoft to develop cutting-edge solutions with Azure public MEC.

Increased security for apps at the edge

Check Point CloudGuard provides application security and API protection, advanced threat prevention, and automated cloud network security through a virtual security gateway with unified security management across multicloud and hybrid environments.

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