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    allow users to set route tables to subnets that have private endpoint

    right now you get an error when you try to associate a route table with a subnet that has a private endpoint. there are usecases where that's exactly what you want to do: e.g., in a hub and spoke model where the hub has NVAs running security as well as some other subnets that host shared services. In this scenario you'd want to add the private endpoint to some subnet in the hub, but without UDRs you can't force traffic between clients at spoke vNETs and the private link to go through the security NVA

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    Allow internal ip ranges to be published through the Route Based VPN Gateway over Site to Site IPSEC tunnels.

    When you have multiple VPN Gateways in your tenant you can't use peering as gateway transit with multiple Gateway Vnets, As, you can only enable gateway transit for single Vnet peering. You can use NVA in VPN Gateway to forward the traffic to VPN gateway (which is not used as Gateway transit) but VPN gateway will discard the traffic as it's neither from the Vnet where this gateway is deployed nor from the peered Vnets with gateway transit enabled. However, with SNAT on the NVA this will work but it will break the application expecting to see the real client IP address. If VPN Gateway allow you to use define internal ip ranges to be published through the Route Based VPN Gateway over Site to Site IPSEC tunnels then the above mentioned limitation can be mitigated. OR allow multiple VPN gateway to be used on UDRs with specific routes.

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