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    How to whitelist the Function app in Azure SQL Database

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    • whitelist

    How to access the files in Azure NetApp

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    • azure-storage-explorer

    Azure data gateway account permissions

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    Create a storyquest, multiplayer video game variant of Microsoft Azure

    I suggest the game have a devtool library (devtoolscape) so players can create their own devtools, game levels and player generated content generally. I also recommend offering an exhaustive tutorial in the form of optional learn-as-you-play sidequests. You could have trail-blazers, storyquestors, questmasters, questlibrarians, quest libraries and questlords. You could offer a choice of very gentle to very steep learning curves. WHYEVER would Microsoft Azure Team DO such a thing?BECAUSE the simplest, easiest, quickest, most natural, most intrinsically innate, most imaginative, most insightful, most in-depth, most inclusive, most sound and sensible, most meaningful, most Creative, most foolproof, most forward thinking, most futuristic, most fun Fun FUN, most visionary, most kind, caring and Loving and generally BEST way; for almost anything (AI inclusive) or anyone to learn, teach, coach, master and utilize almost anything is through interactive PLAY!I mean learning, mastering and utilizing all this UNENDING unadulterated TWADDLE is excruciatingly PAINFUL enough as it is Microsoft, without NEEDLESSLY adding INSULT to INJURY in which regard!

    Ability to apply new tags and values to historical billing records

    When we bulk update a large number of tags e.g. new cost codes for a new financial year - we want the ability to be able to apply this to historical billing records so that Azure cost management and the usage and billing APIs reflect the changes. At the moment only new billing records created after the change have the new values

    Show additional information about authentication methods on the end-user Security Info section

    The self service portal for MFA methods does not show enough information for users and supporters in our company to determine which Authenticator App entry is 'old' and can therefore be deleted. Users do have sometimes multiple Authenticator App entries configured as MFA method. For example when they need to add the authenticator app again in case of issues.

    ACE Seafood - Hải Sản Tươi Sống Biển Đông

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