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Analyst reports

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Emerald Research group: Cloud Migration and Modernization: Trends for 2023

Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG): The Economic Value of Migrating On-Premises SQL Server Instances to Microsoft Azure SQL Solutions

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Take a deeper dive into full-fledged resources on important cloud and Azure topics.

17 Lessons Learned Migrating SAP to the Cloud

3 Smart Ways to Exceed Your Customers’ Digital Expectations

5 Benefits of Migrating Your ASP.NET Apps to the Cloud

A Finance Resource Kit: Moving SQL Server and Windows Server to Azure

An Easier Path to the Cloud: Migrate Windows Server and SQL Server using Azure Virtual Machines

Analytics Lessons Learned: How four companies drove business agility with analytics

App Migration Toolkit: Migrate ASP.NET Web Applications to Azure

Azure Cloud Native Architecture Mapbook

Azure for Architects, Third Edition

Azure Migration Guide

Azure SQL Jumpstart Guide

Azure SQL Resource Kit

Azure SQL Revealed: A Guide to the Cloud for SQL Server Professionals

Azure Strategy and Implementation Guide, Fourth Edition

Azure Synapse Analytics Cookbook

Build a Competitive Edge with SaaS Apps

Building Together in the Cloud

Case Studies in Cloud Modernization: How five businesses used the cloud to adapt and innovate

Cloud Analytics with Microsoft Azure

Cloud Lessons Learned: Learn how four companies migrated their workloads to Azure

Cloud Migration and Modernization Checklist

Cloud Migration and Modernization with Microsoft Azure

Cloud Migration: Tips and tricks for migrating Windows and SQL Server workloads

Cloud Skills Resource Kit: Migrating Windows Server and SQL Server

Differentiate Your Apps with Intelligent Technology

Drive Innovation and Business Value Through Cloud Modernization

Enhance your apps with AI

Exploring the Possibilities of Low Code

Five Hybrid Cloud Use Cases for Azure Stack HCI

Five Steps to Modernizing Your Data

Five Steps to Simplify Your Data Mart and BI Solution

Five Ways to Amplify Power BI with Azure Synapse Analytics

Get hands-on experience with Kubernetes on Azure

Get up and running with Kubernetes

Guide to Datacenter Modernization Through Azure Stack HCI

Hands-On Linux Administration on Azure

How to Choose the Right Azure Services for Your Applications—It’s Not A or B

Invest in App Innovation to Stay Ahead of the Curve

Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches, Second Edition

Limitless Analytics with Azure Synapse

Manage your network more effectively with the Azure Networking Cookbook

Maximize Your Power BI, Tableau, and Qlik Investments

Migrate your SAP estate to the cloud—securely and reliably—with Azure

Migrating Linux to Microsoft Azure

Migrating to Azure: A Resource Guide for Your Database Migration

Modernize Your Applications with Azure Spring Apps

Modernize Your Business-Critical Systems and Applications with the Cloud

Modernize Your Java Apps

Modernize Your Web Apps: Five stories of creating better customer experiences through migration

Professional Azure SQL Managed Database Administration

Start Innovating with Microsoft Azure SQL: Explore common migration and modernization solutions

Succeeding with AI: How to Make AI Work for Your Business

Take your business to the next level with a multicloud strategy

Technical Guide to Building SaaS Apps on Azure

The Business Value of Microsoft Azure for ISVs

The Developer’s 7-Step Guide to Low-Code App Development

The Path to ISV Success: Build, Scale, and Grow Faster with ISV Success

The Road to Azure Cost Governance

The Ultimate Guide to Windows Server 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Windows Server on Azure

Understanding Cloud Migration Strategies

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